128 Slice Spiral Whole Body C.T.Scan

Siemens Definition AS

With the SOMATOM Definition AS, Siemens provides a scanner that is capable of adapting to virtually every patient and every clinical question. Scalable from 20 up to 128 slices the system can be configured to your specific clinical needs.

Fueled by the FAST CARE platform, the SOMATOM Definition AS is designed to help maximize clinical outcome and to raise patient-centric productivity.

The new SOMATOM Definition AS can be upgraded with the Stellar detector for state-of-the-art signal detection and noise reduction.

Salient Features

  • Cardiac C.T Angiography
  • Whole Body C.T Angiography
  • Peripheral limbs/Renal Angiography
  • C.T Portography
  • C.T Dual/Triple Phase C.T Liver/kidney
  • Whole Body C.T in less than 12 Sec
  • Excellent 3D Reconstruction
  • Dental Scan (Dental C.T)
  • C.T Bronchoscopy
  • C.T Entero Clysis/Enterography
  • C.T Pulomonary Aniography
  • C.T Neuro Perfusion Studies
  • Coronary Angiography in 9Sec


Siemens Definition AS gives you the following benefits:

Stellar ready
Definition AS now offers you the option to upgrade to a Stellar detector.

As the first fully integrated CT detector, it measures smaller signals
over a wider range and enhances image quality.

The Entry into Dual Energy
Dual Energy takes your diagnostic possibilities to a new level.
It adds quantitative information to the morphology of a conventional CT scan.
Receive crisp image quality and sharper contrast with the possibility to
significantly reduce metal artifacts.

Single-Click Readiness
Every CT examination poses individual and specific requirements to achieve
the optimum clinical outcome.

Your Single Source for Low Dose CT
Applying the lowest radiation dose possible

is of utmost importance for both you and, of course, your patients.

Open CT for all Patients
Every patient is different. So is every clinical question.

Sliding Gantry
The SOMATOM Definition AS with Sliding Gantry meets the demands for
a reliable as well as flexible CT system for applications as diverse as trauma
imaging, surgery, and intervention even with a small footprint.

The Siemens Definition AS provides you with with the following Specification

SOMATOM Definition AS/AS+ with FAST CARE 128-slice config.
• All routine and advanced applications for clinical practice
• Full FAST CARE functionality like FAST Planning to optimize patient-centric productivity
• High performance image reconstruction system
• State-of-the-art cardio-vascular imaging with high temporal resolution of 150 msec
• High-speed whole body coverage at highest spatial resolution

SOMATOM Definition AS/AS+ Excel Edition – 64-slice and 128-slice config.
• All routine and advanced applications for clinical practice
• State-of-the-art cardio-vascular imaging
• Industry’s highest spatial resolution
• High-speed whole body coverage at highest spatial resolution
• Pediatric and bariatric CT imaging with virtually no patient exclusion

SOMATOM Definition AS – 20-slice and 40-slice config.
• All routine and advanced applications for clinical practice
• Industry’s highest spatial resolution
• Most comprehensive low dose CT portfolio in single source CT, including CARE kV
• Full on-site upgradability up to 128 slices with 18 m² footprint



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