Digital X-Ray systems ( 600 MA )

Vikas Diagnostics has a wide range of Digital X-Ray systems which are a mark of the global quality that we strive to provide. We have the world’s most advanced X-Ray system, the Definium 8000 by GE Healthcare and the latest in DR technology, the Aero-DR Wireless DR System by Konica Minolta. We also have a range of DR Sytems by Allengers Medical Systems.

DR Systems provide unparalleled image quality and drastically lower the radiation exposure to the patient. They also improve the workflow of a radiology department by digitizing the entire process of taking an X-Ray.

Digital imaging has led to similar improvement and renaissance in X-Ray just as it has in home and professional audio. Music albums and recordings now sound sharper and better than ever because of a digital compact disk (CD) player than on an older analog record player, similarly digital X-Rays often look sharper and clearer than its analog version.

The X-Ray passes through the patient’s body and the digital camera (located on the other side of the patient) and captures the resulting image. A main base station stores the pictures on a hard disk for image retrieval and processing.

All routine plain X-rays and special procedures, including barium studies, intravenous urography. HSG, MCU, etc. are conducted using CR 850 system from Kodak medical


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